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Federal Way Massage

Dare To Live Life To The Fullest


Have you been injured in an auto accident, or sport that has resulted in whiplash? Perhaps you struggle with addictions, sadness, depression, stress, or chronic pain? Have you ever asked yourself how you can enhance your health, athletic ability, or even your relationships? Are you looking for someone to help you figure out ways to live your life to the fullest?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help! At Time to Heal, we cater to each individual's specific needs through massage that is safe and relaxing. Here, we practice all healing and massage techniques. Whether you're struggling with whiplash, addiction, loss, abuse, heartache, a stressful career, or just life in general, we are here to help. You will never be alone and will be given tools to renew your health and help put you back on your rightful life oath.

A partial list of what we offer is cupping, treatment massage, acutonics, chakra alignment, healing effects with essential oils, pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage, sports injury treatment, and massage utilizing a range of motion, stretching, and muscle memory building.

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